April - 19 - 2011

Slots were one of the first gambling games to be brought online, and they continue to be very popular today. Slot machines have been popular in casinos because they are easy to walk up to and play, and equally easy to walk away from — though they do give that addictive thrill once you win. Playing slots online is easier than ever today, though choosing where you play can be difficult.


One option is Sky Vegas, under which the family of sites with the name is broad, with the main site hosting everything from slots to playing baccarat and roulette at a live casino via streaming. The sister sites Sky Poker, Sky Bingo, and Sky Bet specializes in poker, bingo, and sports betting respectively. The slot options available through the Sky Casino site are wide, which gives the gambler looking for some excitement something to chew on.


Another large online casino lies in Virgin Casino, which is owned by the ever-familiar Virgin parent company. The Virgin Casino has a huge range of slots, and the main site has a range of other games to be offered as well. As with Sky Casino, there are sister casino sites with the Virgin name: Virgin Poker and Virgin Bingo.


Though there are several other slot machine sits to be found online, the Sky and Virgin sites are some of the more reputable, and their playing bonuses are well worth the sign up. Choosing one can be difficult, but there is no real wrong choice.

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